Countdown to Closing on


Let’s clear one bit of confusion — I asked y’all a few weeks ago to help me name my new house and I suggested I was going to put it to a vote.  But there is enough nonsense about democratic votes on facebook these days, we don’t need people to blow up anymore.  Besides — this ain’t a Democracy, this is a BEARocracy.  So read this whole thing and see what decided upon.

It is that time, thought.  I officially close on the new house on Monday at 4PM AST.  The last of the bureaucratic nonsense cleared today and all that is left is to sign paperwork over and over and over again.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to get into that house.  70 days in an apartment has reminded me why I lived in a house for 11 years.  Living here is noisy, between one neighbor with a 2 year old and another who likes to be loud when hanging out late.  I can’t be loud either, folks get upset when I take a 6am call from the lower 48, or want to do the laundry after 8pm.  I can’t do much in the kitchen except cook eggs, the couch is impossible to sit in, and there is no DVR on the television.  Even sitting here working on this blog, I am on an uncomfortable bar stool straddling a dishwasher.

It’s more than that, its the things that I want to do.

I can’t wait until I can paint a room again.  Or arrange furniture.  Or buy a plant.

Well, there’s lots of things I want to buy again.  I need to get me a new TV, a big one, a MAN’s TV.  I talked to a guy about Dolby 5.1 Surround, with wires going through the crawl space.  I want to get the Brad Barnes Suite set up, complete with Throwdown recovery zone.  I want to see if I can talk myself into brewing beer again (I mean, I hauled half that crap 4000 miles, why not?).   I want to grill, with a gas grill and get halibut to come out with those perfect grill marks.

I mean, I can’t go wild — come Monday I will officially have three residences (the apartment until the end of the month, the house in Kansas that had a showing but no offer, and the new place).    But most importantly, come Monday, I will have my new home!

That’s when I will first lay claim on …. wait for it …


The Bear Den!