A Break in the Clouds


Here’s how awesome I am.  A couple days ago I said “enough with the rain already” and today the clouds broke.  Not immediately of course, and it won’t last of course, but they broke and broke hard today.

The day started with fog, low to the ground and filling everything up.  But that was a sign of something different.  The rains of the last couple of weeks came from clouds about three or four thousand feet up.  Fog meant that it wasn’t humid enough to rain. and that gave the weather a chance.  By about 10am we started noticing the fog break, first moving past the Fred Meyer across the street, then out past Merril Field, then we could see the Air Force Base, and by lunch time … we could see Denali.  Later in the afternoon, we started running around from cubical to cubical to see what we could see.

I should mention, I’m in a pretty cool office to be able to see the world outside the windows.  I work in the BP Tower, a 13 story highrise in Midtown of Anchorage.  Where the tower is at, there isn’t much to block the view for a mile.  They did good with the tower putting windows everywhere from floor to ceiling.  My team sits on the northern point of the tower on the 8th floor, and while the boss has the window seat there is enough room there that whenever I want I can walk to the window and just stare.   Of course, on days like today we bounce from wall to wall to look out at different views, trying to guess what we are looking at.

Had the urge to go for a wander, but I lost the sense of how long the sun is up … that and I needed to get some gym time in.  But the sun was great to see it while it was there.