Quick Health Update


I’ll keep this quick.
In my last post, I shared my stay in the hospital due to heart issues and have continued to get notes & well wishes from all of you – whether friends, family, or ‘other’.  Many of you keep checking to see how things are going, and to that point, an ‘update’ is in order.

If this is all new to you, you can get get the full story here:  My Tough Few Days

In all honesty, there is little to update.  I returned to work a week after hospitalization.  While life changes were suggested, I wasn’t given specific directions to do anything except add new prescriptions and to talk to my doctor (more on that in a bit).   The prescriptions are dielectrics to help reduce my blood pressure, cholesterol medicine, and aspirin … and baby aspirin at that.  For you medical professionals out there, I can go into more detail but don’t expect me to have the prescriptions spelled correctly.

I’ve improved my diet, but that wasn’t hard.  I’m an expert at eating healthy, just the motivation was lacking.  When you change your diet everything seems new and different for the first couple of weeks – so that’s the zone I’m in now.  I try to walk every day, but it’s been stupid hot and my body has to get back into shape.  So I do what I can.

I did meet with my new Primary Care Physician and am pretty optimistic.  Selecting her for her website touting a strong history of dealing with weight management, I learned that she not only had a background in internal medicine but in psychology too.  We spent more time in the first meeting talking about my history, my motivations, my challenges, then spending time poking and prodding.  She says, she believes a doctor can fix a body, but if the mind caused the problem then it needs to be fixed too.

Then she says — I’m going to get you a real physical.  Since that time I have seven x-rays taken, three vials of blood drawn, and ultrasound over so much of my body that I was covered in that good from head to toe (not kidding — did you know that they sometimes ultrasound feet?  because they did to mine).  There’s a stress test coming too, one of those where they fill you with something that shows up when they stick you to a nuclear bomb … or a nuclear test … or whatever that is.  Oh, and a written exam.  Not kidding … a written exam.  In a few weeks, the doc should know more about my body than any doc has ever tried, that’s including the surgeon who confirmed that my guts do not contain aliens (I asked).

So that’s the update.  Don’t assume the updates will be common, I just know y’all are asking me.  Hopefully I can get back to the regularly scheduled Bear Feed stupidity, so consider this something to tide you over.


2 thoughts on “Quick Health Update

  1. Jerry Robertson

    You’ll just LOVE the nuclear stress test!! NOT!! I thought my chest was going to explode at the same time I died from lack of O2!! Not to fear though, the shot that brings you out of the “stress” works almost instantly.

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