Miss Me?


I know I’ve haven’t posted the blog in a while, but I was shocked to see that it’s been as long as it has been.  April.  Frickin’ April.  Almost six weeks without a post.  That’s just crazy.  I’m sitting now with a bunch of folks that like to write and drink wine, so I thought I better do something … anything … just to get something out.

Like the hundreds of other times I failed to keep up with my blog, it’s not that things weren’t blog worthy.  There were more things to blog about the last month and a half than most times.  In part, I wasn’t exactly in a blog mood this whole time.  Caught a cold, caught the blues, caught some drama.  Of course, that’s all not fair because what I really caught was the lazy and haven’t just done what I need to do to keep posting.

So what’s been going on?

Well, JPL had our open house.  Two days of electrocuting kids in the name of science.  It was my third year working it, and it keeps being fun.  We fought the rain a bit but still had 25,000 come through our gates.

I spent a couple days in Tempe, AZ.  Uneventful except for catching up with co-workers and having some out of the box enchiladas.

I spent a couple days in Boulder, CO.  Most of it either suffering from a cold, suffering from allergies, or suffering over the altitude.

We went to the Renaissance Faire.  Drank beer, cider, and faire stuff.

It got really really cold.  Like almost freezing, in May.

Now it’s really really hot, like almost 100 today.

I watched a lot of sports.

I watched a lot of dragons and thrones.

I went to work, made the rovers, went to bed.

I’ve got plans to post a bunch more, always did.  Heck, I have five drafts left unfinished in my to-do list; one ironically about my fascination of the most boring sporting series in the world (cookies if you guess it, and it’s not one I’ve been outspoken about on social media).  So expect, hope that I start getting to regularly blog again.

Until then, be patient.


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