Spring Break, Nerd Style


Ah, Spring Break.  Remember those days when we lived way up in cold weather climates, and as the chill felt like it was never going to end we packed up our things and went somewhere warm for a week?  Yeah me neither.  I mean, as I noted in my last post, I went to a school where winter froze you down until you were a shell of yourself — then we celebrated spring break … in February … by going to Wisconsin.  Let me tell you, there were no bikini-clad co-eds dancing with a bottle of tequila on the beaches of the Kickapoo River.

So now that I am a grown-up and living in Southern California, you would think I would neither have the time, patience, youthful spirit, or the winter blues to go somewhere for Spring Break.

Yeah … I am.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Florida.  Officially it’s for work, but it’s kinda not.  I leave tomorrow for a weekend in Orlando.  My plans are limited, but part of it is going to be focused on sitting around a resort in warmer, dryer weather than home – likely with some alcohol based fruit drink in my hand.  I may meet up with folk while there.  I am interested in some event at the parks — specifically, I am interested in the Mardi Gras parade at Universal (I am curious what a Harry Potter groupie would do for a set of beads, that’s all I am saying).  Ending on Monday, it will be short but it will be a nice little break.

Monday I head to Cocoa beach to attend a conference mid-week.  Prior to that starting, our team is going to get a behind the scenes tour of Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday.  Not open to the public (and using contacts of contacts to let us NASA badges in the back door), the tour will mostly be of the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) which is where they assemble entire rockets.  We’ll also go into the Columbia Room, where the debris from the Columbia tragedy is still laid out for investigation.  What I expect to be awe-inspiring and amazing, the only thing that could be cooler about being there would be if we got to witness a rocket launch.

By the way, we are also witnessing a rocket launch.

Granted, we are also sitting in a hotel conference room for about 20 hours, but still.

So, that’s my Spring Break plans.  I’m pretty sure you will be hearing more about that next week, but been itching to cram something out anyway.


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