A Bowl of Five Cities


This Sunday, America celebrates its biggest unofficial holiday.  I mean, official holidays don’t get this much celebration (sorry Arbor Day).  I am talking about … erm … “The Big Game”, or whatever I can legally call the football event on this Sunday that is Super that may or may not be played in a Bowl without getting sued.  You know … the thing with the commercials.

Seriously, we are quickly approaching the end of the football season with the final of final championships.  Unless you are living under a rock, or hate football (then consider yourself dead to me), then you know that this year the game includes the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.  Now, you may think that because I live in Los Angeles County, I am either getting suffocated by Rams fans or becoming a Rams fan.  Honestly … no.  And No!

Through my life, I remember being in cities that are in or near to being in the ‘big game’.  While there were varied situations and hype, none are like what it is here this week.

Last weekend I was in New Orleans when they were just a game away from the big game.  Everyone there was in black … and by everyone, I mean … everyone who wasn’t a tourist.  People shouted ‘Who Dat’ on the street.  People danced under Black & Gold umbrellas.  People filed around ready for a celebration that never came.

Just as Black & Gold was the year I spent a couple days in Pittsburg.  Every level of business and work sported Steeler gear.  The whole of the city was living and breathing over the game to come, and it showed from all there.

I lived in Boston during one of the many Patriot runs, and it was kind of fun.  Patriot fans are loyal, hard-nosed, and rough around the edges.  Yet when their team is winning they love everyone and everybody.  On the Sunday of the game, the city was full of jerseys shirts, and banners.  Subdued, but still constant.

Then, of course, I was in Milwaukee during one of my beloved Green Bay Packer runs.  Like the other three cities, team colors were everywhere.  Backers were everywhere.  Banners, coats, even Packer earings were everywhere.  Live or die, we were following that team.  It wasn’t people that just came along, it was people who had been there their whole lives.

In LA, there is a slight increase in their colors.  There is an occasional story from the local news.  Yet that’s it.

Now, some have told me that there isn’t much hoopla around the big game because The Rams are a new team to LA.  That’s kind of true, since they were based in St Louis for 10 years, and only moved back in 2016.  Yet the Rams have been based in Los Angeles before – in fact, this year marks the 50th year the Rams have been based in Los Angeles.  Now, I can see fans quitting on a team that moves away … but Rams are identifiably an LA team, yet there is little evidence of it.

Granted, this isn’t the first time I’ve come on my blog and ranted against LA Sports Fans.  They just, in a word, suck.  Generally speaking of course.  Many are fair weather, many are Raiders fans in disguise.  So it’s not surprising that things are relatively quiet around here.  Who knows, with a win that can all change.

Then again, they may need to be reminded that there is football in LA.




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