For the Record …


I need to go on the record about a recently published article about me.

No, I am not kidding.

Yes, I am serious.

This week, an article was run by the Courier Press, a news paper based in the town where I grew up about the JPL Mission called InSight.  In that article, it was stated I participated in the mission on November 26th.  This is not correct as I am not on the InSight Team and did not participate in any activities related to that mission on November 26th.  The article was published without any prior contact to me, without opportunity to validate it’s accuracy, and without my approval.  I reached out to the paper by more than one method but as the time of writing this blog they have not replied (though it has only been a few hours).

If you are wondering why this matters, well … it does, and not in a good way.

Maybe I can go into further details at a future date; but that is all I am willing to openly state at this time.


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