A New Mix Tape


I had to be reminded a few days ago I had a blog.

Yeah, reminded.

I mean, not really fair saying it like that – more like, had to be reminded that I need to invest time in y’all who actually hang on my every word to get yourself through your small pathetic (but somehow way better than mine) lives.

Ironically, it’s this time of year when I seem to go a little bit dark with the blog.  August just seems to dry me up a bit with blog posts to the point I have to throw together one of these ‘sorry it’s been a while since a new mix tape from Mitchdog hasn’t dropped in a while’.  At that point of time, I lay out my excuses.  Well, let’s break those down, why don’t we.

It’s the Down Time

You know, that time when things are as interesting as usual.  Well, to be honest, that’s not true.  I just passed a bunch of big anniversaries.  Two weeks ago, there was the six year anniversary of my grand move to Alaska.  Every year in August I usually am doing something with drum corps; mostly because the world championships is going on . Tied with that, this past Tuesday was my 25th Anniversary of winning the Drum Corps International World Championship.  Historically, there’s nothing down time about it.

There’s Nothing to Blog About

Well, that sure isn’t true.  In the last three weeks I’ve flown to Arizona, Colorado, and Arizona again.  I had my first Hollywood Bowl experience watching Empire Strikes Back with a Full Orchestra.  Drove to the beach.  Drank wine in Temecula.  Chased the puppers around the yard.  I am not short of blog worthy issues.

There’s Nothing Coming Up

Calling BS on this one too.  In the next couple of months, my band judging season blows up.  I ruin a week by spending it in Cleveland.  There’s one, possibly two Oktoberfest parties … both actually in October.  I make some cool presentations to cool people.  I even have tickets to go to my first ever NFL game.  I may even get to help someone move!

I’ve Been Busy

Okay, that’s starting to nail the issue on the head, but it’s just an excuse.  I have been busy, but it’s been a pretty consistent busy when you look at the year as a whole.  For instance, I did a lot of auditing in August with six of them complete so far — compared that to my life in Alaska where I did four, over two years.  But this month is the norm for 2018.  In my 12 years of auditing, the most audits I performed in a year was 45 – did that in 2005, and tied it last year.  As of right now, I have 48 audits done, and there is still four months left to go.  Average it out, that’s 6 a month – so the 5 this month is “busy but nothing new busy”.

It’s Too Hot To Blog

Auggie would agree with me on this actually.  In his Mitch produced dog voice, he is constantly telling me “it’s too hot to poop, daddy … too hot to poop”.  We’ve been stuck in the mid-90s nearly consistent since Independence Day, which makes doing anything feel like winter in the Midwest – inside only.  The weather is breaking, and it should start to get a little cooler (just in time for the fall burn season).


I guess I’m not really sure what excuse I have for not dropping a new mix tape in a while.

But long time Bear Feeders would know that — if I drop one, I’ll probably drop a deuce.
(which is a term I probably shouldn’t use in the future)


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