I Need A Frosty


I am sure I told this story before, but it’s worth telling again.

I was living in Wichita, and at the time, I was pretty into internet gaming – maintaining some pretty strong friends whom except for a very small minority I would never meet in the real world.  One was known simply as “Frosty”.  On this day in particular, I was having a bad go at it.  Things at work weren’t heading my way, some money issues were piling up on me, and it took forever to finish up & get out the door.  The drive home was worse.  I caught every light, got cut off at least twice, and my commute seemed to take forever.  I came in the door, and thought my day couldn’t go any worse.  So as soon as I get there, Frosty pings me and says:  “Guess what happened to me today.  My boss and I were having lunch at a local cafe, and a car drove through the front door.  Nearly ran me over.  I almost died.  Isn’t that funny?  So … how was your day?”

I mean, how do you respond to that.

Sure a bad day at work sucks.  Sure a bad drive home sucks.  But I didn’t almost get killed while having a sandwich.  Her problems were not only way worse, they were way funnier.  All my problems became immediately petty and … for lack of a better term … laughable; but not funny, right?

So, how do you respond to that?  You put your problems into that compartment that says ‘I need to get over it’, and you carry on with a smile on your face.  Not that you don’t deal with the problem, just put it into perspective.

That was the most drastic story, but that became the theme with Frosty.  No matter how bad my day was, no matter how bad things were going, her’s always seemed slightly worse and her disposition was better (even if just slightly better).  I mean, she was Canadian, they are required by law to be like that.  Still, it became almost a trend that I can put my problems in better perspective through the shenanigans in hers.

Since that is starting to go from “years ago” to “years and years ago”, I don’t know exactly what happened to Frosty, but I need that kind of reminder in my life.  There are things going on that frustrate me, some things that really frustrate me.  Yet, in truth, things aren’t going to bad.  The harder days, I need that perspective.  I think we all do.

So if any of you are willing to get run over while at lunch to help us all out, let us know.



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