What I Really Bought


So guess what, I’m in my new house.

Yeah, whoopedeedo, right?  I mean, I haven’t stopped talking about this new house in these blogs for a bit but come on, this is one of those ‘we made it’ posts.

Friday, the movers came and shifted me over to the new place (FYI – was a bit more than I suggested, cause never trust your own estimate, I guess).  Friday night, I spent the first night in the house.  Saturday was getting things in order to actually get a dog to live in the house.  Sunday, picked up the dog and he got the feel for the new digs.  Last night was our first night together … which was a bit rocky in part because someone had to get up a couple of times to growl at something … not sure what, because the windows in the place aren’t low enough to see anything.

The thing is … whenever you buy a place, you really don’t know what you bought until you get in there.  You can have all these grand plans, but some of them, if not all of them get thrown right out the window as soon as you get in there.

My main worry was if the pup was going to enjoy it.  He never really was happy in Boston, but then again, neither was I.  The pup, though, seems to be pretty happy with the place so far.  The back yard is smaller than the rental house, but he did get a little bit of stupid running around.  He likes the decks, and likes running up and down the thing.  There’s grass for him to eat, because he seems to like eating the grass for some dog reason despite me yelling at him not to (and despite him coughing it up right away).  He gets a bit of jump whenever the AC turns on, but definitely prefers it — one time he begged me to take him out to do his business, it was the heat of the day, and he couldn’t get the job done and back inside fast enough.  He’s not a huge fan of the all wood floors, since he gets no traction getting around corners (but that is probably the best part of wood floors in my opinion).  He’s scared of the toilet … there’s a reason for that, but it’s funny as hell to leave the statement “he’s scared of the toilet” without any explanation.

For me, getting in there made me acutely aware how much work I had to do.  There’s a lot of work ahead this week, and a heck of a lot of money to be spent too.  I mean … I have way too much stuff for this house.  Seemingly every nook and cranny was stuffed with cardboard boxes.  The trouble with this is that means you have to create routes and paths to get to things.  Like … a bathroom … or my underwear.  On that subject, I am in a bad way when it comes to putting clothes someplace.  The closet in the room I am using as a bedroom is hard to get into regularly since the (queen) bed is a little too big for this room to open the closet door completely … and before you ask, no I am not getting a smaller frickin bed, it’s not worth it for this closet.  The other bedroom has a much easier to access and bigger closet … but no shelves.  The hanger pole is also buckling from the weight of my wardrobe too.  The solution will require a trip to IKEA … which will be the fourth for something for this house (and believe me, will be a blog on itself).  It means building all that too, but with four pieces of IKEA things built already, and six more to go when it isn’t too hot outside, I should become a pro of Swedish engineering soon enough.

That and I will need a kitchen at some point.  I mean, I have a fridge.  I have a microwave … that is not aging well.  I don’t have a stove.  And I will not last without a dishwasher.  So, that debt will come along sooner rather than later.

In the end, though, this is all logistics.  It’s all steps towards making a house a home.  The purpose of which is to figure out why I want to be here, and I had a moment Saturday morning.  Sleeping in, I got up around 7am, just as the sun breached over the San Gabriel Mountains and cast it’s golden glow onto the Vedugo Mountains no more than 5 miles in front of my house.  I know the sun did this, because I watched it.  Surrounded in all those boxes, unassembled furniture pieces, and not enough motivation to get to work … I enjoyed the first of what I expect to be hundreds and hundreds of beautiful sunrises.

Maybe that’s why I had such a productive weekend .. I could see for the first time what I really bought, and it was more than just closets and walls and AC and grass.  It was that view that I will get to see for a long long time.


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