From One Procrastination To The Next


Tomorrow marks the last great step towards fully locking myself down to California.  Somewhere between 8 and 9AM a moving two guys & a truck show up at my house in Montrose, those two guys put the stuff in the truck, and then the truck & two guys come with me the four blocks to my house in La Crescenta so they they can take the stuff from the truck into said house.  I mean, I could have said “Two Guys & a Truck” are moving me, but that just sounds like an advertisement for a moving company (that I just happen to be using).  Bear with me, this all sounded a lot funnier in my head. I mean … this is funnier if you folks know common names for moving companies … but then again … … I give up, I’m tired.

People tell me how stressful moving is.  I’d believe them if it was stressful for me.  But since this is about the fourth move I did a household move in the last 5 years, I think I would know if I get stressed or not.  Each time seems to get a little less stressful, because I think each time I get a little bit lazier.  If you want to know my secret to being so low stress on a move, it comes down to two things:

  • Hiring Movers
  • Procrastination

Hiring movers is the big thing.  First of all, you don’t have to cash in a single favor from someone with at truck.  I mean, if you ever wanted to test a friendship, tell someone you need them to haul furniture.  Sure they may say ‘beer and pizza’ but for one, how do they keep the beer cold if the fridge is moving, and for two guess what happens when the guy needs to go pick up the pizza – that’s right, you keep working.

Besides, movers just do everything faster, easier, and better.  I’ll probably end up spending about $300 for the work they will do tomorrow, but I don’t have to lift anything.  I don’t have to carry anything.  I don’t have to sweat about breaking anything.  It all just goes zip zip zip and into the truck, and zip zip zip out of the truck.  It would be more awesome if I made them pack and unpack everything but I didn’t even unpack everything from when I moved in this January.  Seriously, if you ever had to move, consider getting movers to do everything for you — you may think you can do it better and cheaper, but I am telling you — ever ten dollars you spend will seem like getting an hour of your life back.

Procrastination … well, that’s part me being funny, but there is madness to my method.  The worst part about moving is the ‘endless in-between’.  Trying to decide what to pack and when.  I mean, if I put my microwave into a box last week, how would I be able to cook my hot pockets all this week?  Or more importantly, how was I going to get stupid drinking $40 bottles of wine if I packed up my Red Solo Cups already?  Waiting as long as possible to do my packing meant I literally had all the comforts of home, in my home.

Now, that does mean I am going to have a long and difficult night getting everything ready tonight for the move.  It won’t help that I will have the pup in boarding to not get in the way of anything … won’t help because a) I need to make the round trip to get him to boarding in LA rush hour traffic, and b) I won’t have him waking me up at 2, 3, or 4 am to look at the raccoons outside, so I will probably fall asleep early and oversleep tomorrow.

I’d like to say by Friday night I should be ready to settle into the new home without a care in the world but … well … Brewers are playing the Dodgers tomorrow, so I am putting off unpacking for baseball.

So yeah … from one procrastination to the other.


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