Everything’s Coming Up Manhattan – Part 2


Sometimes you got to think “Things Were Meant To Be”.  I’m seriously living that today in big ways.  In short, I am back in escrow on a house, a new one.  This after just cancelling my escrow on a house in Pasadena just last week.  I will tell you right now, I think we have a winner, a big winner, and Everything’s Coming Up Manhattan (again).

So, to catch up you newer Bear Feeders (or more likely, just those who don’t live and die on every little detail of my life); here’s a quick summary on what I kept calling the Habitation Master Plan …
Got a Job at JPL … moved to California … need a place to rent … no one likes my dog … found a place to rent … need a real house now … found one … no I didn’t … monkeys.
A key element in there is the rental.  It took forever to find one, and when I did it seemed to literally drop on my lap.  Running of the Simpson’s line that has come to mean when optimism blinds you from major problems (Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse), I used a similar tag based on the street I am on.  Namely:  Everything’s Coming Up Manhattan. Key thing to remember is “it just seemed to fall in place” and it was on “Manhattan Ave.”

So, now the real news.

Two weeks ago, I was facing a hard decision on the house in Pasadena. Short story long, the seller didn’t want to pay for repairs, and was sticking me with the a lot to cover.  The night I started considering cancelling the agreement I was faced with the fear of having to go back out and find a new home … something I wasn’t really sure I could do with the time I had left in my current rental.  But being the practical kind of guy I thought, “you haven’t looked at what has been on the market for a few weeks, just see what’s there … maybe you will find something.”

And … I … Did!

The house in question was literally just down the street from me.  Four blocks to be exact, and still on Manhattan Ave.  Though in this neighborhood, four blocks is still nearly 3/4 of a mile, but its the same neighborhood.  Compared to the house I would be walking away from, this one was much smaller but more reasonable for the dog & I.  It also looked to be in better condition, and … well … cheaper.  I knew I would have to get into a bidding war, but the asking price allowed me to have the money to go to war.

The next day, I put a ‘best & final’ on the repairs of the first house and went to an open house on the new one.  Before my ‘best & final’ was officially ignored at the end of the weekend, I had an offer in on the new one that would surely get me into a counter position.  The counter came back, I upped my price, and …

BAM!!  I’m in Escrow.

What’s shocking is how quick all this went down.  The house has been on the market for 2-1/2 weeks.  It took about a week an a half from the time I made the offer to the acceptance of the counter; but then things sped up again.  The main inspection is done, as is the termite inspection & sewer line inspection.  It’s not even 24 houses since the offer was accepted!!  Tomorrow a foundation guy is coming out, I should have an electrician there the next couple of days, and hopefully it will get appraised by the weekend.  There’s issues in the inspection, but already it is a better position than the other place.  Honestly, the kitchen will need a redo, and but at the rate I am going the funds will be there for that.

Heck, this happened so fast, I am still officially in escrow on the old house.

In all honesty, it feels way different this time around.  The other house, while nice and a good investment made me as excited as the words “nice and good investment” could make anyone.  This new house … its nice … it’s a good investment … it is beautiful … it has a killer view … it is a great size for me … it has an incredible back yard … its gonna be awesome.  And that is a reserved reaction from me.  This house screams “I am going to love living there”.

So forgive me if I go blindly into this new place and happily say




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