Top-ish Lists: You Thought The Last One Was Weird …


Okay, I think these lists are becoming a bit of a hit.  Mostly because of the sarcastic comments.  One in particular from Greg Walker who decided to point out how weird my music choices seemed to be.  The only thought that came through my head when I saw that was “those ain’t even the weird ones”.  So then … the next list has to be the weird songs I like.

Even weird songs need rules, so here there come:

  • The song hast to be weird to me, and still likable by me.  I don’t care what you think, it’s about me.
  • Points off for being too mainstream.
  • Points on for being happy funny goofy.
  • Bonus Point on for being way out there.
  • All songs have to be Rated PG-13 at worst.  Maybe with adult situations, but not one that gets some naughty tag for language or content (sorry Tenacious D).
  • One song per artist.

So here we go … in order of ‘None of your business what order it is in’ here is:

The Top-6ish Weird Song Playlist:

1) Poxy Boggards – I Wear No Pants

These guys are the true victims of the “One Song per Artist” rule, because there is a long list of weird stuff they do.  So I had to go with the most recognized song that, while I still don’t consider mainstream, was actually used in a Superbowl Ad.  “I Wear No Pants” is a song about … well … a wardrobe decision and one’s need to tell you about it.  It literally is guys singing “I wear no pants” in three different languages.

2) Barenaked Ladies – Another Postcard

My favorite Canadian band makes a list again, because like any good Canadian they don’t take themselves completely seriously.  Nearly every album is good for a song or two that is really out there.  These guys thrown a lot of weird songs over the years, like the mainstream hits “If I had $1,000,000” and “One Week” (the ‘Chickity China, the Chinese Chicken’ song) or “Pinch Me” that makes you say Underwear.  But in their later years, they almost went mainstream with one song whose title sounds normal enough: “Another Postcard”.  It tells the story of a guy who gets postcards randomly without any hint of the sender, and getting them from everywhere around the world.  The only thing is that every one has a chimpanzee on it.  Here’s a taste of the lyrics for you:

Some chimps in swimsuits; Some chimps in Jackboots
Some chimps in hard hats; Some chimps who love cats
I’ve got some shaved chimps; that’s chimps devoid of any hair
I’ve got depraved chimps dressed up in women’s underwear

3) Decemberists – Dracula’s Daughter / Valencia

Told you they would make everyone of my lists.  Decemberists in their live shows bring out a song that the lead singer calls ‘The Very Worst Song Ever Written’.  The whole song goes:  “Dracula’s Daughter.  Dracula’s Daughter.  Dracula’s Daughter’s got it bad.  If you think you had it bad, try having Dracula for a dad.”  But then they spring into Valencia with a bit of mash-up that makes the whole thing cool!

4) Andrew W.K. – Party Party Party

I know absolutely nothing about Andrew W.K. or where this song or group or whatever comes from.  All I know is that they got this song onto the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie soundtrack and slipped into a couple of episodes.  It has every element of power metal music, and runs out there at a thousand miles an hour.  But it is short lived … like really short lived.  The lyrics in this 2 minute song only take up about 45 seconds.  But in that time, the word “Party” is said 27 times!  That’s nearly one “Party” every two seconds.  And there is a discussion how hearty you must be to party that much, a guy named Marty, and (if you can follow the rhyming theme here) the result of digestive gas build-up.

5) Ween – I’m Dancing in the Show Tonight

You have to hear it to believe it — follow this link:  Ever have a song that charges you up before something important?   This is the song that does it for me.  I’m serious.  One listen to this, and I don’t take myself too serious, don’t stress my life too much, and just go in there and perform.

6) Weird Al Yankovic – Yoda

How can I do this without adding the OG of Weird.  The problem is that I consider 90% of what he puts out to be mainstream, or at least the good stuff like “Amish Paradise” or “Eat It” or “Like a Surgeon”.  But I had to go with something.   So, I thought back when I saw him in concert sometime back in 1986 when the only song he sang I didn’t know was in the encore … a parody of The Kinks song “Lola”, about a the Star Wars guru.


So there you have it – weirdness.  Hope you are happy.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Queen – Fat Bottom Girls — Got to give a shout out to probably the best mainstream weird song.  The four part harmony describing what makes the world go round is an old classic.
  • Sex Bob-Omb – Garbage Truck — The band that’s the center of the movie “Scott Pilgram vs. The World”; the song is about taking a girl for a date on his sweet sweet ride.
  • PDQ Bach – (Anything really) — this is a parody composer (putting the phony into symphony) who uses everything from garden hoses to helium balloons to oboes to make music sound funny
  • Glen Hansard – Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy — From the movie “Once”, out of context it is okay.  But you got to love that song title right?
  • Ben Folds – Rock This B**** — Language lost this one, but the story goes that Ben Folds was doing a concert when he got a request to up the energy by the guy yelling “Rock this … ” something.  He responded by improving a sad, soft, song, using that exact phrase as the center point.  If you really want a treat, catch the video of Ben doing a concert with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra, where the full group improved their way to a version of this.

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