Black Watch Plaid


Look at me … I’ve gone over a week without a post for the first time since making the great transition to California.  Long time Bear Feeders are probably saying “meh”, but I did want to push these out at a better clip in this new life.  I mean, the old excuse was “my life sucks so there is nothing to blog about”, and this life isn’t supposed to suck is it?

Well, it doesn’t suck.  It’s just busy.  Roller coaster is a more apt description.  That coming from two different areas — work and house hunting.

I finally kicked off the main part of my work duties, namely performing audits, but jumping in with both feet.  Without still getting my full and official ‘approved auditor status’ at JPL yet, I have been on four audits in the last few weeks, have three more to fit in before the end of April, and have at least four or five in May.  Most of them are ‘local’, meaning a day drive of not too painful proportion.  I did have to go to San Diego this past week, but that just meant that I hung in Temecula for a bit.  Travel is coming, thought, and my first big audit trip has more than irony attached to it – but that deserves a blog on itself.


But where the Bear Feed last left you, ‘Stuff’ just got real in my search for a permanent home.  It’s gotten so bad (and be ready for the most obscure reference of the week) that I think about it like the terror alert levels they used on Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law — where it started at red; but in the last few days I had no choice but to terrorize myself b by ratcheting thing up a couple notches to … BLACK WATCH PLAID!  (Don’t get it?  Click the link already)  It hasn’t hit the cover of Rush’s seminal album Moving Pictures, but there is still time.

I noted last time that I put an offer down on a place … I expected that to get beat, and it did … by a lot.  Like, I went in at asking on normal terms, and they accepted an offer for 15% over asking, cash, and immediate sale.  That’s went I went to a few house showings.  Found a place out there I thought would be great, but expensive.  After a pretty long story regarding failed expectations, emotional decision making, and a short burst of feeling let down by humanity – that fell through too.  A third house hit my radar just this past Thursday, and am working with an agent on giving a juicy offer there sometime next week.

Today is Saturday – so my usual Saturday fare of coffee and routing my open house route for the weekend is on.  I tagged 12 homes to look at today or tomorrow – so it’s going to busy weekend.

But busy is what my life has become.

Oh … and Hockey Playoffs.






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