Reason to Be Over Optimistic


The Who’s rock opera has a song called ‘1921’; which follows a couple of the main characters discuss the new year, 1921, ahead of them.  The main lyrics run through my head today saying: “I’ve got a feeling twenty one is going to be a good year”, and “I have no reason to be over optimistic”.  I keep thinking about that song today because, simply, I have a feeling that seventeen is going to be a good year.

But I would be wrong if I didn’t mention that after those first few lyrics, 1921 goes all Milhouse (remember this theory:  Everything’s Comin’ Up Milhouse).  The two characters kill a third, then convince the boy Tommy (who saw it all) that he didn’t see or hear anything, and do such a good job Tommy ends up ‘deaf dumb and blind’ – thus creating the tragic incident that drove the entire rest of the rock opera.

Kinda puts a stick into being overly optimistic, doesn’t it?

What’s funny is that I checked out my Facebook which includes posts I made on this day the last few years.  Repeatedly I kept saying “So long 20XX I’m glad your over; and I am excited about 20XX”.  It becomes almost laughable how routinely I was sure the next year was going  to be better.  Hindsight says ‘overly optimistic’, definitely.

So now I am saying goodbye to a difficult 2016; a year that needed chapters to be closed.  But going into 2017, those chapters are closed – and new chapters are already starting up.  I literally have reason to be overly optimistic.

There is the well reported new job; and just a few shorts week into it I am excited about what it will be.

There is the new life in a new state.  I already am connecting with new friends and new things to do.

I already have a potential offer on my Boston condo (I am going to counter, so nothing to announce there yet).

I already have some good leads on places to live here.

To me, what is really different this year is that I am not relying on blind hope for the year to come.  It’s not like I am saying “there is no way this year will be worse than last year”.  The proof is out there.  I can see what may happen.

And for what I can see, I have reason to be over optimistic.

However you are or did celebrate,
Happy New Year!
See you in 2017



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