The Rusty Johnson Post


Y’all are killin’ me, one of youse in particular.

Last day in Boston and everyone seems to be ready with the sarcastic comment or two.

A little bit of info on this  blog, it goes out in multiple ways.  Some of you only see it on Facebook, some only on LinkedIn, and the one or two followers on Twitter ignore it there.  It’s housed, though, at WordPress, where some of you get it either by a direct e-mail subscription, or you have actually chosen to follow the blog directly through WordPress.

Once upon a time, I worked with a particularly sometimes sarcastic guy name Rusty Johnson.  After I posted how I was killing time and avoiding painting a room, he was quick to needle me into getting to work … and specifically how to get it done.  I almost think it would have been easier for him to haul his tail out to Boston and paint the room for me.

In truth, but the time he posted, I was half done with painting.  The move went quick, easy, and painless, and by 2PM I was putting down drop cloths (already had them, Rusty) and taping off the trim.  I only had one room to do, and was tempted to do a second, but by the time I was nearly done with the one room my allergies were going crazy from sitting in a condo with so much dust and dog hair kicked up.  I could barely see by the end of it.  But the room was done, allowed to dry by 5PM and here at 8AM it’s all dry and ready for the cleaners to go to work.  (No need for a second coat, Rusty!),

The great news about getting the room done is that it now, pending a schedule screw up by the cleaners, means the pup and I will be on the road today and in Western New York by the time it gets to be sleepy time.  Not only is it good to hit the road early, we avoided a major re-route.  Thursday, the snow belt between Buffalo and Cleveland is expecting Lake Effect snow up to 10 inches of accumulation.  While going to school in Michigan’s UP made me no stranger to Lake Effect snow, that specific region getting that kind of hit while driving is reminiscent of a business trip I took there nearly ten years ago now … IRONICALLY with one Rusty Johnson. So you could say that my departure is just to spurn Rusty once more.

So this means the trip is routed per plan:

I-90 across NY and Northern OH & IN;
I-80 at Chicago, across IL, IA & NE.
I-76 in Western NE into CO.
I-70 at Denver then across CO into UT.
I-15 through UT, NV, through Las Vegas, and then into CA.
CA-210 to Burbank.

Tonight, we are crashing in the Rochester, NY area – just over the minimum 350 miles needed to get my hotel reimbursed.  Wednesday, if I can make it a good day, I may end up hanging with Jeremy Phillips in Davenport – though it would require nearly 750 miles in shorter time than I did 750 on the way back from South Carolina.  From there, the next big decision is needed – as by that time the weather in the Rockies will be more predictable for Friday, and the choice becomes head due west on Thursday, or start heading south below the snows.  Luckily we have a big country with lots of routes.

So now, I have another hour and a half to kill with literally nothing left for me to do but wait until the cleaners arrive.  Then kill a couple hours while they work too.  So consider this the lull before the storm … or the lull before Rusty makes another comment.

And yes , Rusty, you are right … JPL, not NASA, but my badge will still have the awesome NASA logo so … shutty.


One thought on “The Rusty Johnson Post

  1. Johnson, Rusty

    Wow, I feel special to get a Bear Feed post named after me! My mama always said I was special. ☺ Glad to hear you got the room painted as painful as it was. Yes, I’ll always remember that drive from Buffalo to Cleveland, that was white knuckled and exhausting for me! Be careful on your drive, going to hit some weather. Miss the bunny count, what type of count can we get when you settle in California, maybe a Shrew count?

    P.S. It will be cool to have NASA logo on your badge!


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