Coincidences and Killing Time


It’s 7:45AM on Monday 12/5 – and I am killing time.  Officially, movers could be showing up anytime starting in 15 minutes – and as late as 2 hours from now.  I could be doing something to prepare for their arrival, but I really don’t have much to do. A bag can get moved to the car, my computer can get packed up, and I could fold some dog blankets.  Then again, there are things that have to be done that have nothing to do with the movers – namely clean up the back porch, clean the back seat of the car, clean the fridge, and … well … clean.  But that is just boring … and work.

Instead, I am killing time by sneaking in a blog post.

Oh don’t expect anything of substance or deep thought, this is literally killing time.

For one thing, I thought I would give an update on travel plans — because to be honest, it needs updating, and changing.
The only thing that hasn’t changed is the route.  I still intend to line up the most direct route:

I-90 across NY and Northern OH & IN;
I-80 at Chicago, across IL, IA & NE.
I-76 in Western NE into CO.
I-70 at Denver then across CO into UT.
I-15 through UT, NV, through Las Vegas, and then into CA.
CA-210 to Burbank.

The question now becomes, when.

Original plan was to head out Wednesday morning.  Then to Tuesday afternoon.  Then Wednesday morning again. Now it comes down to one thing … painting a room.  Due to a little damage in my living room (leather couch recliner vs. dry wall, guess who wins), the whole living room has to be repainted.  Tricky for an amateur DIYer and a lot of trim to not mess up, let alone keeping the floors paint free.  It should take about two to three hours to get that done.  The real question is if I can get it done early enough after the movers are done moving that the paint will dry tonight.  Tomorrow morning, cleaners show up and do their magic.  They won’t clear out until just about lunch time.  If the painting has to wait until tomorrow, then we don’t leave town until Wednesday.  If it goes well, if the movers are out earlier, I may get stupid and try to paint a second room.

As coincidences have it, it’s snowing – it’s snowed when I moved into my Alaskan home, it snowed when I moved into this condo, and now it snows again.  Yes, it didn’t snow when I moved out of Alaska and Kansas but both of those was literally summer (and that Kansas day was 105 degrees).  Think about how often it snows, at least when you aren’t in a snow belt, and it is a good coincidence that it snows when I move.

Then again, I moved into this condo two years ago today … as in exactly two years ago today.  That wasn’t planned, just a coincidence.  That Alaska house was dang near two years to the day also.  So now I have a goal … next ‘permanent home’ is going to be lived in for at least two years and a day .. at least!

But before I leave you on this time killing Monday, here is a strange, random event.

Yesterday, I attended my last ‘Packers Boston’ football game – the local pub welcomes Packer Fans in a dedicated room full of all Green Bay decorations.  I sit with the organizers out of habit, and it means I get to meet the folks coming in and getting in on the raffles.  A dude walks in and after a little talk, here is the summary of how the talk went:

  • He is a Packer Fan, I am a Packer Fan
  • He just moved into a place a couple blocks away, I am moving out of a place a couple blocks away
  • He just moved from the Pasadena, CA area, I am moving the Pasadena, CA area
  • And for the ironic twist … He was wearing a NASA hat

Okay, I guess I better do something productive.


2 thoughts on “Coincidences and Killing Time

  1. Johnson, Rusty

    1. Get some drop to protect carpet (plastic or canvas).

    2. Tape off trim with Blue Painter’s masking tape to protect trim.

    3. Latex paint can be re-coated within 4hrs (get started!) Crankup thermostat to increase dry time.

    4. Lastly, it’s JPL not NASA. ☺

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