Last Night In Town


It’s time for one of Mitch’s random theories or principles or cocepts he feels obligated to name / share / go on about.  I thought about calling it the Memphis Belle theory but that is getting too obscure for most people these days.  Instead I go for the generic “Last Night in Town” approach (or theory or something … I don’t know, it’s just the last night in town).  But let me start it up by explaining the other name.

There’s a film from 1990 called Memphis Belle based on the true story of the title B-17 bomber who during WWII became the first such bomber to complete all 25 of its tour of duty.  At a key point when the Belle drops its bombs and the crew realizes that their mission allows them to flight back to base the pilot says: “We’ve done our duty for our country boys, now we are flying for us.”  Going back to my auditing days when it seemed my work schedule remained hectic, there would always come that critical time when I step out of that last meeting and think “I’ve done my job for this trip, now I am flying for me.”

That came today as the last meeting closed up and a long and tough 10 days of work wrapped up.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself over here, but between balancing critical developments and knowledge learned over here; the nightly dinner meetings with colleagues and customers; and the issues coming in from 5, 6 or 8 time zones away; I had much less time off than I am used to on these trips (including over 4 hours on a Sunday just banging out emails).  Come 2:30 this afternoon when the last of them finished – I was done done done, and ready to fly for myself.

So that lead to the “Last Night in Town”.  I never want to leave a place on a down note, even if it’s a bad place (example: Cleveland … see also France … see also Tucson … see also Cleveland).  So during the week I check out the things to do and places to eat.  If something stands out I trigger it as a place or thing for my last night in town.  

In a way it’s a remembrance of a cool Ben Folds Five song called “Steven’s Last Night In Town”.  That song tells the story of an exchange student that is heading home so in his last night they have a great party.  Then a couple days later he is still around and another great party happens.  Then again.  After a while they realize that he really has no idea when he is going home but he keeps saying and partying like every night is his last night in town.

Well I know when I am going home, it’s tomorrow, but I want that last night in town.  That great time.

Originally, I planned to tick off a minor bucket list item – attend a cricket match. But the weather stopped me.  Instead I am having a pint (or two) as I write this at a pub before a nice dinner.  Then it is off to a theatre for a highly acclaimed play: “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” (thank you aunt Virigina for turning me on to this story). 

Back at my hotel, the bags are packed and the alarm set.  My flight is in late morning, and I will be home by evening.  Before then I am flying for myself and I look to enjoy my last night in town.

Cheers England!


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