The ‘And By’ Update


Not only have I been slacking in my blogging duties, I realized my blogging hasn’t really updated on the hot topic people who know me keep asking me about.

I past three months since my mini-gastric bypass surgery this week.  Generally speaking, things have gone really well.  To date, I have lost just over 70lbs.  While I continue to lose wait week over week, the rate slowed significantly over the last couple weeks to a snails pace.  But there is good reason for that.

And by ‘good reason’ I mean ‘I have a good excuse for that’.

And by ‘good excuse’ I mean ‘bad excuse’.

To date, I haven’t started a good exercise routine.  In part my knees suck.  In part because I don’t have a real good routine of anything right now.  Lots on my plate for work, still living out of a hotel, and some big time soaking issues I am dealing with.  Which means, there isn’t a lot of time left over for the crappy hotel gym.  Plus … did I mention my knees suck?  Oh, and the dog always seems to take up my free time.  And … I don’t know … this election business.  Yeah, stupid other guy and his/her party politics that he/she keeps talking about and stuff.   Did I mention my knees?

Eating is less of an adventure these days as it was early on.

And by ‘less of an adventure’ I mean I am having a lot more fun these days.

My digestive system is slowly heading back to being able to handle what it did before – not meaning in quantity, but in context.  The thing about food after a surgery like that is that it is easy to confuse people on what you can eat.  Like when you are on a diet you say “I can eat this, I can’t eat that”.  Truth is, yes you can eat any of it, you are choosing not to in order to eat healthy.  With this, I literally can’t eat certain things.  Early on, I struggled with anything that wasn’t soft and easy to settle in my belly.  Heavy fats tasted like metal.  Heavy sugars made me sick.   Breads and starches lump up and feel like it is tearing me to bits.  In theory, some of this will never change; but some of it will come back.

Of course, my big concern is the stuff that I like.  Wine for instance – since I have been enjoying weekends with friends down in the Temecula wine country.  Because wines, especially red wines, are more acidic (or as wine snobs called it, filled with tannins)  the whole of that tannin flavor dominates my pallet when I have a drink.  There are softer and sweeter wines out there; I can handle those.  The big problem with them are they are usually more ‘pink’ … not exactly the drink in your hand when you are chatting up women in wine country.

In essence, I am really reaching a portion of the program where I am more opening up my abilities and pallets.  I am trying those things I loved before, but the size of my new gullet is forcing portion control.  Add to my lack of a good exercise program, you can really say I am not putting much effort in, but am still losing weight.  Or more bluntly: “I am half-assing my way to a half of an ass”.

So, consider this your update.

And by ‘update’ I mean the one time in the next few weeks I am remembering y’all want an update.


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