Oh Yeah … Updates


You would think I would get the hint, wouldn’t you.

I got messaged and notes from about four or five of ya today asking me how I was feeling today.  By about the third one, I realized it had been a week since I updated the blog with how I was doing.   Then it took two or three more for me to actually get motivated to drag my butt over to the computer to do it.

So here’s you’re frickin’ update.

Ten days have passed since my mini gastric bypass surgery, and to summarize how I’m doing in a word:


Oddly, there’s not much to say with the way I feeling right now, so a nice bland word like ‘good’ fits pretty well.   I’m well past the point where any immediate problems with the surgery have passed, and I didn’t have any of those.   My scars (just five 2″ cuts) are itchy but that just means they are scabbing over, so to speak.

I am still in my first stage of post-surgery diet meant to heal the system.   There’s only four things on it: yogurt, saltine crackers, Gatorade, and broths.  That continues until Friday when I can start adding soft foods one at a time.

I eat nearly constantly, but I don’t eat much.   Remember, I’ve got this little stomach now that still processes things at a normal rate, it just holds a lot less.  So I get to feel hungry every three or four hours …but I can only handle about six ounces at a time, so a coffee cup of broth can take me a long while to finish.   In fact, when I sat down to write this blog I had a 11 oz tomato soup to-go cup next to me, and in the 20 minutes of writing I nearly finished it — and I can feel the cramps I get when I eat too much.

What I am getting is what they call “Weight Dumping”.  If any of you have been on an intense or significant diet, you have felt it too.   Basically, my body has been getting nearly all of it’s energy from what I eat.  Since currently that body needs three or four times the calories I am currently taking in, it is relearning how to stop storing energy and start draining those batteries.  That takes some time.   So what happens is that there are times during the day when I am energetic and upbeat, and there is times when I am tired and ache for a nap.

So that’s the update.  Sorry if y’all thought I died or something … cause I didn’t.


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