Today, I had my follow-up appointment following the mini-gastric bypass surgery.  In short – and I’ll keep this all short – things are in good shape, and we are released to start the ride home.

Typically, it’s a one week appointment, but of course mine got delayed and the holidays and such.  The doc goes over the short term diet, medications, and the expectations.

Right now, I’m on the first stage diet which exists just to get all that chopped up guts to heal.  Yogurt, broth, crackers, and as much Gatorade I can get down.  In a couple weeks, I can start adding softer foods, careful to add things one at a time.  From now on, I’m going to react differently to food, and that second phase is as much as about taking it easy as it is figuring out what I can stomach, literally.  During this time too, I am taking some over the counter things – anti-reflux, anti-indegestion, fiber substitutes, etc.  The purpose again is about healing.

Tomorrow we start the long drive back to Wisconsin where we will salvage what we can of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We should have about enough time to trim a tree and watch the Packers beat the Bears.

I’m feeling pretty good right now.  Gassy, bloated, but that’s been true since the moment I woke up from surgery; but no where near as bad.  I loose energy later in the day, so I am good to get a few naps in regularly.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what I would go through this surgery for … it’s been four days and I’ve already lost 12 pounds.


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