Swing and a Miss


The big surgery I announced that would happen today … didn’t.

So, let’s start from this perspective.  This is a surgery I want to happen, but isn’t life or death – so nothing is going to happen that makes it life or death.  To that point, when my blood pressure was measured to be somewhere between ‘sky rocketing’ and ‘through the roof’ the decision was made to not proceed.

High blood pressure was a concern.  Something my Boston doctor and I have been working together to get down.  I thought could be an issue, but put simply, where the blood pressure was this morning was way higher than I expected to be.  I’d have to say that the last few days have been stressful, and that played into the BP being where it’s as much as anything.  Even after an hour of relaxing and trying to ‘meditate’ it down, it was still unacceptable by the doctors.

The surgery is now scheduled for Friday (Nov 20th).  In the meantime, the doc loaded me up with a few meds – including both blood pressure meds and anxiety meds.  Already, my BP is pretty far down into an acceptable range.  So I feel like this is going to happen Friday one way or another.

In the meantime, I plan to just hang out at the hotel, get plenty of sleep, watch some movies, and not let this whole thing get to me.


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