1.21 Gigawatts


Let’s set the record straight.  A big hubbub was made not too long about about the “Back to the Future” day; but that was hogwash.  On October 21st, 2015 movie nerds celebrated the day when Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2 arrived in a future we now live in.  October 21st was supposed to be when theoretically we were supposed to have Hover Boards and ugly hats with the brim half cut off.  Well, guess what folks, the prospect of the Cubs winning the World Series was about as likely as hover boards.

If you want to call “Back to the Future Day” October 21, 2015 – then accept the fact that you can never have one of those days again.

I, in fact, don’t want to live in that world; because Back to the Future Day should but come every year.  IN FACT, we shouldn’t just celebrate a point in time that was not at all true, we should celebrate the history that is Back to the Future.

The true Back to the Future Day should be, November 5th, in direct reference to November 5th, 1955 – the day of the invention of the Flux Capacitor, that which makes time travel possible.

So then let’s let the be true

Back to the Future day will be November 5th.

Take that Guy Fawkes!!!


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