Message Recieved


So, I was on the phone with my Dad the other night for about an hour.

The first topic — I need to get back to writing The Bear Feed.

The last topic — I need to get back to writing The Bear Feed.

The in-between — Lots of discussion about an area that will need his support on going forward … oh by the way, The Bear Feed.

Message Received Dad!

To be honest, there are reasons why I haven’t written many blog posts this year.  In short – I have no intent to write blogs about negative stuff, or boring stuff, or boring negative stuff.  That doesn’t mean my life is nothing but negative boring or boring negative stuff.  When you get in the habit of not writing, you continue the not writing.

I probably realized that just by sitting down and thinking about what I could blog about, and it became a good list just for the near future.  We’re weeks away from a new NaNoWriMo season.  There’s just a couple weeks left in my Band Judging season that was quite new ground for me and big in scope.   I am returning to a meeting that was a major part of my career for 10 years, but this time for a view of things.  That and I will have an Alaskan Visitor for the next two weeks in the Dahchesta Condo.  And there is bigger news to come, if things go the way they should.

So the throwdown was there.  To restart the Bear Feed.  I’m not going to have some outrageous plan to blog daily, just to get it going and stick to it.  Goal will be to get in two blogs a weeks, how’s that?

But this one counts as one, got it Dad?


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