Just Give It Five Minutes


There was a saying in Kansas:  “If you don’t like the weather, just give it five minutes … it will change.”

There was a saying in Milwaukee:  “If you don’t like the weather report, just give it five minutes … it will change.

I guess there is a saying in Los Angeles too:  “If you have nothing to compliant about when it comes to the weather, just give it five minutes … you will think of something.”

Believe me … making fun of people on this subject are like shooting fish in a barrel.

Last week, when it was overcast and in the 60s, an outside dining area had their heaters on full bore to deal with the ‘freezing’ customers.  The girl on the news program standing by the beach on a 60 degree morning was wearing a heavy down coat like she was going to be diving into a frozen lake.  The talk of the city the last week is the coming storms … where they were expected (gasp) rain with a slight chance of (double gasp) lightening.  Traffic people were on the roads worried about if the roads would be cleared of their … I don’t know, light dampness?

Never have I seen a region where people are so prepared for extremes that just won’t happen.  It seriously is a place where the most delicate changes of temperature brings out the complete differences in how people act.  74 is too cold, 76 is too hot, and 75 is too boring.

It’s not just funny or strangeness in the way they act … it is like they are set on being upset.  Like the reports were clear:  Rain on Thursday finishing Friday Morning, clearing up and leaving sunning warm conditions for the whole of the weekend.  Who in the world would complain about that???

“That’s when I will get the allergies.”

Seriously … don’t make me bring out my bunny counts.