I’m Here, Now What


For those of you who ONLY follow me through the Bear Feed, I am sorry for not checking in sooner.  The pup and I pulled into our California Hotel on Sunday night 13 hours after starting the day and racking up over the two weekends of driving to be a nice round: 3059.8 miles over 52 hours of driving for an impressive 60 mph average.  When I pulled in, the car was still running on four wheels, and the pup was still walking on four legs.  That being said .. we were tired.  Adjusting to the new time zone, getting in on the new assignment, and dealing with what is clearly a new set of allergies has made the transition a little rough – but all it really does is give me an excuse to not stay up with the Bear Feed.

Well, it gave me an excuse to not do much at all to be honest.

That first night, I didn’t even leave the hotel.  Just wandered to the pantry, bought a bottle of wine, and drank it.

After the first day at the plant on Monday, I came back to the room and watched basketball.

Day two, it was pulling up old YouTube videos and cleaning up after the pooch  & I failed to communicate a need to go outside.

Day three was supposed to be laundry, instead turned into a long nap before going to bed.

So, Day four will need to be laundry (at least enough to get me to the weekend) and doing my taxes … yes, I am going to be sitting in a hotel room, doing taxes.

Now before you start going off on me on all the things I should be doing, there is a plan.

Once I am done with work tomorrow, Auggie and I are heading south to Winchester, where we plan to spend time with the Creeds – old friends of mine from Wichita.  Our plans for the weekend will be completely swung away from what I have done up to this point, specifically … drinking wine, cleaning up after the pooch, and laundry … but not at a hotel, so there’s that.

I’m here for a bit, and maybe that’s my excuse too for not getting out right away.  But I need to anyway.  My hotel is a few blocks away from Anaheim and legitimately in the whole ‘Dark Overlord with Mouse Ears’ territory.  Not to mention, my hotel TV doesn’t cover the channels that will show the NHL playoffs, and for the next two months that ain’t gonna fly with me.  Plus, I am not in Boston, getting to places doesn’t require me to save a parking spot or dig out a car or take some road that I don’t know will get me where I don’t want to go.  So, I am going to get out, do things, and enjoy this.

But for tonight, laundry, taxes.


2 thoughts on “I’m Here, Now What

    • Why’d I think you were somewhere on the east coast? So … hi … from the hotel … I guess. 🙂 Y’all want to have a fuzzy pup causing trouble around the hospital now and then?

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