Bear Feed Call For Help – Anchorage Curling Club


Dear Bear Feeders, I come to you asking for to help out a long-standing part of this blog.  Many of you know that a fairly big part of my Alaskan life spun out of the game of curling.  From just a few months after I arrived in Alaska right up until the last month I was in town I was a curler, sliding those rocks up and down the ice with a broom in one hand and a beer in the other.  The whole of which, I did as a member of the Anchorage Curling Club, an organization that existed five years before Alaska had statehood.  Our clubhouse has a long history as well, last seeing a major renovation to repair it after the Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964.

But Right Now – The Anchorage Curling Club needs our help!

The game can be simplified as a game of rocks and ice … yes, and brooms and beers, but you can curl without brooms and you I hear you can curl sober.  While rocks are rocks, ice isn’t always ice. In October, just as the season was kicking off the cooling system in club had a major leak.  As a result, there has been no curling in Anchorage since that day; and the 160 members have no place local to curl.

Before you ask, no they can’t just open the doors and let the arctic air freeze water – curling ice requires precise cooling controls.  Temperatures need to be maintained consistently over the entire length or the stones will not act predictably.  The game could be played on lake ice, that is how the game was invented of course, but not when you are playing at a high level in modern curling — and especially when the junior program is developing some of the best young curlers America.

In order to fix the cooling system, the ACC is looking at two options – one is a mat system that will lay over the current rink.  This option would allow for them to use the system if they ever moved out of the current club to a nicer place.  There is a repair option using an epoxy system into the existing cooling tubes – the benefit of which is that once the money is there the job can be done in a week.   Either option is going to cost around $70,000.

Since the leak occurred, they created a GoFundMe site.  A link to that site is here:
GoFundME Anchorage Curling Club
The ACC has also set-up a non-profit organization (Anchorage Curling Foundation), so any donation is tax deductible.

So let’s get down to the guts of this post.  I am asking you to help support the fundraising to help fix the club.  While I know I am not there any longer, my time at ACC will live with me for the rest of my life and fostered some of the best of times in and out of the club.  Part of which is this blog.  If you took any joy from reading this blog, or any specific joy in the curling posts over the years – then I ask you give back to what started it.  Give anything — $5, $10, $69, or one dollar for every game I won in my curling career ($2).  Anything & Everything helps.

You know I love you guys, now please show a little love in return to a place I love as well.


One thought on “Bear Feed Call For Help – Anchorage Curling Club

  1. Barbara Harmon

    Mitch – thank you so much for your awesome support!
    One correction: The club is in the process of setting up a nonprofit 501c3 charity that would allow us to accept tax deductible donations – but we have not received approval from the IRS – and it may still be a month or two …which is why in desperation – we turned to the Go Fund Me website. So unfortunately we can’t offer a tax deduction at this time.
    But all we need is 6,000 people donating $10 each and we’re there! So thank you for spreading the word!

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