The Answer’s Probably No, So Quit Asking


I tried my hardest to avoid writing a fifth straight blog post about the weather, but y’all just kept asking me questions.  The problem is that my answer is most likely No … and then thru gritted teeth.  For those of you keeping track (or ready to poke at me that you are somewhere where the weather isn’t that bad), Boston was first hit by Winter Storm Juno last week then had a suckerpunch that showed up Monday of this week.  Suckerpunch … yeah … the storm was supposed to drop 6-12 inches, but Boston’s Logan Airport reported 15.9 inches.

This means in a 7 day period, Boston has had 40.2 inches.  The most in any 7 day period in Bostonian history.

If you are not sure how much snow that may be – here’s a good way to think of it:  ITS ALOT!

We’re not talking about piles 3-1/2 feet high, we are talking an average coverage of 3-1/2 feet – so to pile up snow, you are looking at piles six to seven feet high.

So, people say to me  — this must be common for you, since you lived in Alaska.  WRONG!  The two years I lived in Alaska, Anchorage got around 60-70 inches during the whole year.  That would mean we would have had two-thirds that snowfall in just 7 days. The biggest snowfall I saw when I was up there was about 10 inches, which is nothing to sneeze at – but it is a half a foot shorter than the LESSER of the two storms we go.

Plus I had a garage in Alaska.

Plus the plows could make it down our streets.

Plus there were places to put the snow.  Talking to one of the city workers the other day, that’s the biggest problem, on the main roads they can bring in dump trucks and front end loaders to move the snow – but on most the 800 miles of Boston roads, they can only fit a small plow and push it around a bit..

Now granted, where I went to college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we got a lot of snow – around 200 inches a year — but when you get that much, you are prepared for that much.  I swear, the whole city of Houghton was designed to funnel snow on the roads down to a point where they can haul it off by 6am everyday.

This mess is nothing short of frustrating.  It takes forever to get out of any parking, just because you are constantly digging, and wedging yourself in and out, and shifting around your spot.  It takes forever to get anywhere, with most the roads .losing a lane or two from snow drifts or pedestrians because sidewalks aren’t cleared.

And then I got y’all saying things like .. You must be used to it!!

Yeah — like Floridians are used to hurricanes.


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