Con – Wait For It – Necticut


Let me just get this out here … just because the Bear Feed has to be different, that doesn’t mean everything will be different.  Precisely, the weather.  You can’t get me to stop complaining about the weather.  Today … it’s Connecticut weather.

This new job was always suggested to be a requiring considerable time heading out to different plants where the attention was needed – in the first months the attention was needed just here in New England.   In the first month, when I was still trying to find these plants, I joked that you could tell when I would be on the road as it is the only day during the week that it is raining.  After the first month, it stopped being funny.  About a third of my time since I started this job I spent at a plant outside of Hartford, CT.  The longest portion was a week in early December, where I hunkered down without a car or the dog putting in 10-12 hour days before just crashing at the hotel overnight.  That week, made it down to that plant from Boston by train; with a return trip on that Saturday morning.

As I was riding in an Uber car (taxi-ish ride share) to the train station on that crisp cold Saturday morning, I realized that for the first time since I started going to that plant … it wasn’t raining.  I mean, it had stopped raining here and there while I was in the plant, but unlike the rest of the time I have been on the roads there, the sun was out and I could see more than a 100ft in front of me.

What I saw took me by surprise.  There were hills, high hills, nearly mountains spread out around the area.  To the south, there appeared to be drumlines, the smooth sloping narrow hills against a flat plain typical of glacial formations — but it sounds like they were glacial.  To the west there is a mountain range, not Alaska-ish mountains, but high green covered rolling things.  Sure, the landscape was granted a bonus from the daybreak sun turning all the colors up a few notches by the golden hour, but what was mostly drab urban suburbia brightened up into a true green landscapes.

Since that time, my trips to Connecticut (aka .. The CT cause spelling Connecticut is hard) during the daylight hours opened up some wonderful views.  I roll into the state from up north and find my way across the Appalachia foothills and thru deep green valleys.  Evergreens line the highway suggesting the pine-smelling potential of the summer.  For the most part, it’s just hints of beauty.  So much of this state so far for what I have seen is constantly interrupted by strip malls, mini-malls, and just plain malls; but when you travel for work you are stuck on a specific corridor dictated by a GPS.  Yet, the hints of something more are what makes visiting this area more interesting.

If the CT has proven something to me, if anything, it is that I need to patient with this part of the country.  I’m used to beauty smacking me in the face.  Alaska had a tendency to punch you with awesome, but it wasn’t just there.  I saw the great Kansas skies the day I first moved there, traveling the world usually meant the cool stuff was right where you you looked, and even when I visited Los Angeles even the hills & ocean broke through the smog.  Heck – I was spoiled by having the Mississippi River rolling only 2 blocks from the house I grew up in.  What I have seen of CT, not just now, the few times I came here over my lifetime previously hasn’t been all that pretty.  Yet looking back, I haven’t really seen much that you can’t see from the interstate.

So that puts the responsibility back on me.  I mean, I can’t easily break away from my interstate driving for the time being, not until the sun is out after I leave work at least.  Also, the amount of trees around here suggests that the spring, summer, and fall could be a fair bit awesome too.  Things in this state, and possibly what I will see for the months to come, may not smack me in the face when I first see it.  I’ll just need to wait for it.


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