It’s Different, It Has to Be


Welcome to 2015!

It’s a new year, a new flip of the calender, and a new opportunity to move on from the old.  Time to not just say you are going to do something different, but actually do it different.  It’s the time for resolutions, cleanses, and change.

At least until you get distracted by something … like a shiny object.

What is my resolution for 2015, you may be asking?  Well — you’re looking at it.  At least one of them.  See, it’s time for the Bear Feed to come out of hibernation.  In the last four months I have made a total of 8 posts – one of which was a bunny count and the other a copy/paste of a Christmas letter.  I pulled way back on my blogging for a number of reasons, some of which may someday actually make it on here, but it’s time to come back to it.

The Bear Feed always was something of a ‘fish out of water’ blog where an idiot tried to sound smart in hindsight of learning what a strange new world is like so the rest of y’all know what it IS like, and that will remain the same.  The more I get the hang of this new strange new world the more I realize that the Bear Feed will be different.  It has to be.  I’m obviously not living in Alaska anymore, in fact I live in a city that has a metro population five times that of all of the state of Alaska. It’s not just the change of scenery that changes the blog. Living in such a metropolitan place is a really big shift for me in general.  I lived 4 years in Milwaukee but never really felt like it was all that Metropolitan — not like it feels here.  If it stayed like the old Bear Feed I would go from saying: “I saw a moose on my street” to being “I saw a hooker on my street”.  So, while it is an exploration of what makes Boston so unique, but more about my place in it.  Not just ‘here’s what I see’, but ‘this is what I feel’.  What’s going to make it different too is that it has to be free to be something more than a ‘Boston’ blog.  While it’s not set in stone, I am likely going to be away from Boston at least a few days a week thru mid-February.  Not just around New England, but cross-country and even finding my way back to Wichita (my home for 11 years).  Put simply, that’s the biggest difference my world has gained since I moved here – and if that isn’t a part of this blog then it would be hard to make it anything else.

Yes shiny objects will come along, but you faithful Bear Feeders know that this is always an on-again-off-again kind of blog anyway.  That being said, there is a lot to blog about just to get y’all up to speed. Here’s a short list of topics (which I am capturing for my own purposes to remind myself anyway):
— Getting Around Boston — The T-Line, the Streets, the walking, the Uber
— Massively Huge New Hampshire (no seriously)
— The Condo in Dot
— Communities and Neighborhoods of Boston
— The history
— Lobsters (AKA sea rats)
— Taking the Train to places for a destination, not just the journey

Of course you can expect an awful lot of me regretting something and loading up on things about my dog.  Still, things will be different.  They have to be.  But that’s what starting a New year is for.


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