In Hibernation


My faithful bear feeders; you have noticed that your favorite blog (unless you have read ANY other blog in the world) has gone quiet for nearly a month. By now you may know I am moving out of Alaska to Boston.  I originally intended to continue to blog right on through that transition and let the bear feed be the home for the Idiot Bear in the Big City.  Well, since the time of the start of the transition, some things changed and some issues arose.

Truth is, I have put myself in a social networking cold spell due to some specific events that took place in recent weeks.  This means the usual “Open Book” that is this blog just isn’t possible. There will likely come a time when I can share some of that what happened recently, but at this time I can’t here in the blog and may not be able to share it directly.

What I can tell you is that one major part of my plans have changed — while I initially intended to drive from Alaska to Boston, I will now be flying out on October 11th and starting my new role the week after.

In the meantime, I may choose to post here or there, I am of course still saying goodbye to a home I have loved for over two years.  Consider this the bear feed is in a hibernation similar to how I sleep — out cold but waking up like a million times a night.


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