Bunny Count: August 2014


Days Late with the Bunny Count: 1 (or 2 if you read this tomorrow)

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 2
Dall’s Sheep: 4
Salmon: 0
Salmon Socks: 2
Bears: 0

Jobs Quit: 1
Job Offers Accepted: 1
Days Left Before Moving out of Alaska: 30-ish

August Rainfall: 2.52 Inches
Days with Measurable Rain: 17
Days without Measurable Rain: 13
(Get This) Rainfall BELOW August Average: 0.73″

Days in Alaska: 28
Days in Indianapolis: 3
Days Spent Blending in As a Hippie at Salmonstock: 3
Days Getting in Trouble by Mixing it up in Anchorage’s Music Scene: 1 (1 too many)
Days Spent Balled up on the couch from a pulled back and allergies: More than I needed to, so I should shut up and get off the damn couch

Times Killed by Rain, Quitting my Job, Going to Indianapolis, or Whining:  0 so far


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