Bunny Count: July 2014


What’s funny is that in June I had one of the most epic bunny counts I have ever had.  July made up for it, but not for a lack of trying.

Bunnies: 0
Bears: 0
Moose: 1
Sheep: 1
Yaks: 2 (even they went into hiding at the Yak Farm)

July Rainfall:  3.23 inches
Average July Rainfall: 1.83 inches
July 2013 Rainfall: 1.10 inches
Days with More than 0.1″: 9
Days with more than 0.5″: 3

Days in Alaska:  26
Days in California: 5
Days in Sunny California: 5
Days in Sweating My Gonads Off California: 5
Days in Wine Guzzling, Rainless, Fancy Peach Dresses Everywhere, Wine that Tells a Story California: 5
Days Straight in Alaska: 168

Weekends in McCarthy: 1
Weekends in Aforementioned California: 1
Weekends including Impromptu Road Trips: 1
Weekends  including Kenai Fishing: 1
Weekends without Something Cool Happening: 0

Hours Preparing for Dipnetting: 8
Hours Driving to/From Dipnetting: 6
Hours Hauling Gear for Dipnetting: 3
Hours Actually Dipnetting: 2
Fishes Caught Dipnetting: 0
Phones Having to be replaced due to Dipnetting: 1
Cars that Smell Like Feet After Dipnetting: 1
Again, Fishes Caught Dipnetting: 0

Times Killed by Goats, Moose, Dipnets, Californias, or Peach Dresses: 0 so far


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