I Haven’t Forgotten Y’all, Promise


Sitting there yesterday playing with the pup, and I looked up to see it’s been seventeen days since my last post on this blog … SEVENTEEN.  And that was just a bunny count.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to blog about.  More the opposite.   I’m not saying it will get better either, just that it’s been a busy busy time.

So there was the solstice weekend — hours and hours of music, drink, and dancing.

Then the weekend after, dinner in Girdwood and a sleepover on a glacial lake on the Kenai.

In there was World Cup World Cup World Cup — which by the way, sitting in a room full of people living and dying world cup soccer is something every sports fan should experience.

Independence Day weekend was filled with a trip to McCarthy again – complete with a parade.  The marching band consisted of a trap snare, a banjo, a flute, and two recorders … yep, they were hippies.

Finally, I left Alaska for only the second time in 2014 to spend a weekend of jackassary in Temecula Valley wine country with some old friends from Kansas.

Fill in long days of work and what could be some stressful life decisions in my future, and finding time to blog has come slowly.

So sorry, didn’t mean to make you feel left out, but promise to get back on the Bear Feed horse soon.


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