Bunny Count: June 2014


Looking back, I was pretty weak with my Bear Feed posts this month.  Part of that is how busy I was and part of that was how much fun I was having — but most of it was just plain laziness.  Without further ado:

The Epic Part:

Bunnies: 0 (no seriously, wait for it, it will get epic)
Black Bear: 1 (raising my Alaskan grand total to 7)
Angry Beaver: 1
Moose:  12 (including two sets of Momma & Bibis, and Morty was hanging out at my neighbor’s yesterday)
Coastal Mountain Goat: 1
Dall Sheep: 17
Dall’s Porpoise (No Relation): 14
Bald Eagles: 13
Sea Weasels (otters): 3
Harbor Seals: 4
Stellar Sea Lions: 47

Then the whale fest…
Humpback Whales: 4
Fin Whales: 2
Beluga Whales: 1
Orca (Killer Whales): 16
Trout Caught on Fly Line: 0

Volcano’s Going Off: 2
Major Alaskan Earthquakes: 1
Magnitude: 7.1
Distance from Anchorage: 1350 miles – equivalent to distance between Kansas City & Boston

Hours of Daylight on Summer Solstice: 19 hours 21 minutes 31 seconds
Last Day of Official “Civil Twilight”  (When it was actually Dark at some point at night): June 2nd
Daylight Lost Since Solstice: 8 minutes 13 seconds
Time I Got Home On Summer Solstice After Drinking All Night:  4:00am

Days with Rain: 21
Total Rainfall: 3.33″
Departure from Normal: +2.36″ (yeah, we more than tripled our average)
How far from a June Record:  -0.07″ in 1962
How Often We Said the Weather Was Great: Nearly Every Day

Times Killed by Earthquakes, Solstices, Bears, Whales, Dall Sheep &/or Porpoises, or Rain:  0 so far


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