Shaky Shaky Shaky


I know I know, I am behind on my Bear Feed updates, and I have a big one from this past weekend .. plus some other things in the works.  But much of the immediate buzz over the last 24 hours made so wide spread news I got an e-mail of concern from Germany.

Yesterday at 1PM Alaskan Time, a 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake struck the Rat Islands along the Aleutian Island Chain in Alaska.  Immediately, a  Tsunami Warning was put out for most of the southern coastal regions of Alaska as well as much of the Pacific Ocean.  By 3PM, that was reduced to a Tsunami Advisory, and later was cancelled.  A tsunami did occur, but was reported to be no more than a foot tall when coming ashore an hour after the earthquake.

Many of you were concerned about me, my pup, and the rest of us in Alaska – and I appreciate that concern.  As it turned out, there were not only no injuries, there was no damage, and there was questions if any humans actually felt the quake at all.  Where the earthquake occurred was 1350 miles from Anchorage, which is equivalent to the distance from Wichita, KS to New York City (or half way across the Lower 48).  I was at work on the 8th floor of the BP-Alaska tower, where any significant quake would feel like the building was swaying – and I didn’t know there was a quake until my Facebook blew up with questions.  The tsunami wasn’t a threat to us either, as the way the islands are curved even a big one would have been dulled to nothing.

Thanks again for the concern, and when the world ends up here I’ll keep you posted.


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