Bunny Count: May 2014


It’s the end of the month, so time for the Monthly Bunny Count.  Let’s Get Started:

Bunnies: 2 — YES, the Bunny Count finally includes Bunnies!!!
Bald Eagles: 7
Yak: 50+ (First appearance of Yak too)
Moose: 2
Dog-Eating-Scary-Bird-Thingies-Screeching-Every-Morning-In-Valdez: Dozens
Bear: 0

Total Daylight: 18hrs 40mins 47sec
Daylight Gain: 2hrs 26mins 18sec
Nights I have Seen Full Dark In The Last 3 Weeks: 0

Earthquakes Felt: 1
Earthquake Magnitude: 5.1

Total Rainfall in May: 0.47″
Departure from Normal Rainfall: -0.25″
Wild Fires Smoking out Anchorage: 3
Size of the Funny River Fire (at it’s peak, the largest in the USA): 300,000 Square Acres
Distance Away from Funny River And Still Getting Smoke: 350 miles

Miles Driven Memorial Day Weekend: 833
Miles Driven in a Non-4×4: 833
Miles Probably Should Have Driven in 4×4: 120-ish

Snowfall (Offical – not counting the dumping the higher elevations got yesterday): 0″
Total Seasonal Snowfall (which should be it unless something happens in June): 64.7″
Departure from Normal: -9.8″

Trips to Cabella’s: 1
Amount Spent at Cabella’s: $300+
Trips to REI: 1
Amount Spent at REI: $100+
Trips to Mossy’s Fly Fishing Shop: 2
Amount Spent at Mossy’s: ~$150
Amount of Items Bought at those places actually used: 7 (6 tent stakes (that didn’t work) and backpack repair clip)
Nights Camped: 3
Number of Nights Camped More than All of Last Year: 2

Times Killed by Bunnies, Eagles, Cabella’s, Wildfires, Camping, and 4x4s: 0, so far


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