Frickin’ Ray of Sunshine


Being in a good mood can suck some times.

No seriously.  Last week or so, I have been in a good mood, and that means I am getting way much more done than I usually do.  I haven’t had a chance to sit around the house and just play video games or just be lazy.  It’s like I HAVE to do stuff.

You know what gets some of the blame for this positive happy wierdo vibes? The frickin’ sun!!!

It’s May 15th, and we have just over a month to the summer solstice.  It’s the run up to the longest days of the year — which let’s be honest, are really long now.

This morning the sun officially rose in Anchorage at 5:12AM, and will set tonight at 10:41PM – for a total of 17 hours, 29 minutes.  Of course that is not the true amount of daylight.  Part of the issue with this time of year is when the sun sets, it doesn’t get that far below the horizon.  So, it could still be daylight for a good hour or two before sunrise or after sunset. This time of year, it’s pretty common for it to be daylight when you go to bed and when you wake up (and sometimes when your Auggie Doggie wakes you at 1am so he can pee).

Sunlight brings with it an awful lot of Vitamin D,  we talk a lot about D up here.  It’s a mood enhancer (plus other boring stuff like bones and muscles and other things … but we really notice the mood enhancer).  Studies say that you should get up to 2000 IUs (International Units) of Vitamin D a day, and while you can get a fair bit from your diet most “normal” people get what else they need from sunlight.  During the winter, you aren’t going to get enough D from the sun, since it’s just not around either because of the short days or the overcast skies.  You look at the vitamin isle and they have huge jugs of Vitamin D supplements ranging from fish oil gummies to pills that have 10,000 IUs in each capsule.  Now during the longer days, that Vitamin D rolls to you constantly, almost 24 hours a day … and when that happens, it’s like a building sugar rush of happy.  That’s part of the reason that so many Alaskans love going to Hawaii during the winter, because it’s nothing but a Vitamin D overload.

So the problem lies in that I have a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow – and with this kind of energy, I am going to have to do work around the house. Worse yet, I will probably do it with a smile on my face.

Stupid sun.

Stupid long days of good weather.

Stupid Vitamin D that makes me feel happier

(finish this one for me Jeremy)


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