Not Not Beautiful Days


Now for this blog to go in a completely different direction than it has gone before … I mean COMPLETELY Different Direction.  So much so you would think you were reading something else.  It’s going to be uncomfortable for many of you, and you probably think I have run off the deep end or outsourced writing this blog to cheap labor — but I assure you, this is me, and this is the honest truth.

So … here it is.

Take a deep breath.

The truth is …

The weather in Anchorage is really nice!

That’s right, I am posting something about the weather in Anchorage without the tag: “Worst Time of the Year”.

Today it’s going to be sunny, high of 61°F with a little bit of fog to burn off.  There’s some wind, but just a breath.  By the time work lets out, it will be perfect weather to get out and enjoy the day.  With the leaves well past budding, the grass more green than brown, and the air filled with song birds it is clear that we are in the beautiful days of spring in Alaska.

To be honest, this isn’t new … NO!! It’s Not!!!  We’ve had excellent weather since the last week of April, maybe even before that.  We haven’t had snow since March, and except for just a bit of rain last week to help all the trees wake up, we haven’t had a gloomy day in a long time.  Not only that, the bugs aren’t out, and all the streets and sidewalks are clean of winter road grit or left over snow.

I have no reason to complain at all!!!

Well — my allergies, yeah.  Pollen is off the charts right now.

At my new trainer kicks my ass so I waddle everywhere since Saturday.

And I am stuck inside all day for work.

But for the time I lived up here, this is the longest run of truly beautiful weather we have had.


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