Bunny Count: April 2014


Happy May Day, time for the April Bunny Count:

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 1 – hanging in the hood
Canadian Geese: 2 … seriously, that’s a big deal
Mallard Ducks: 2 … again, big deal
Bears: 0

Days in April Temperatures Didn’t Exceed Freezing: 1
Days with Measurable Precipitation (Rain or Snow): 2
Snowfall in April: 0.4″
Snow Season to Date: 64.7″
Departure from Normal for the Season: -9.5″
Worst Time of the Year Posts: 2

Days in Alaska: 30 (Holy cow, I haven’t left the state since January)
Days on the Slope: 7
Change in Temperature (including wind chill) during one 4 day stay on the slope: 55°

Curling Seasons Finished: 1
Curling Record in March: 2-4
Money Earned in Bonspiels: $10
Total Money Earned Lifetime in Bonspiels: $10
Record in Bonspiel that Earned Me $10: 1 win 4 losses

Weddings Attended: 1
Weddings Including a 4-Legged Ring Bearer, Skiing Bride / Groom, and the congregation hymnal being a song by Queen: 1

Auggie Baths: 1

Weight Loss Program Continued: 1
Total Pounds Lost: 43
Poutine and Hockey That Probably didn’t Help My Numbers: 1
Pounds Lost This Month: 3 (not counting what I put on this week on the slope … it was a rough week)
Months of May where I have to get back on the Wagon: 1


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