Bunny Count: March 2014


Been a bit of a quiet month, but so goes March in Anchorage.  Here is your bunny count for the month.

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 2
Red Foxes: 1
Foxes Blocking the Road When I Drove on the Slope for the First Time: 1
Bears: 0 (not counting the How I Met Your Mother “Ring Bear-er”)

Days in Alaska: 30 (Holy cow, I haven’t left the state since January)
Days on the Slope: 6
Days of Nice Clear Weather on the Slope: 6 (that’s NEVER happened)

Snow Fall: 10.9 inches
Total Snow in Season: 64.3 inches
Departure from Normal: -5.9 inches
Days with more than an Inch of Snow: 3 (so, all of that came in 3 days, two were overnight … you do the math)
Cloudy Days: 10
Not Cloudy Days: 20 (When’s the last time that happened?)

Weight Loss Program Continued: 1
Total Pounds Lost: 40
Pounds Lost This Month: 10
Times Deviating from the Plan: Lots
Times that Deviation included 2 for 1 hot dogs: Lots

Iditarod Teams Watched at Ceremonial Start: 50-ish
Crazy Iditarod Finishes: 1

Times Killed by Foxes, Ring Bears, Sunny Days, Hot Dogs, or Iditarods:  0, so far


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