Daylight Saved


For those of us that still work for a living, we got hit by the cruelest of Mondays – the one that follows Daylight Savings.  Yes, yes, thank you farmers for giving us a reason to move our clocks one way or another for some reason I never really understood.  Last night lasted way too long before going to bed, and this morning came way to early to get to work.

Of course, if you want to put a half full glass in front of me, Daylight Savings means Spring is nearly here, and that means Summer is right around the corner.  Maybe not in Alaska, where we have a break-up still ahead of us and the usual late season winter to come, but one thing Daylight Savings reminds us about is sunlight.

Of course the summers nearly have no nighttime, and the dark winters are dark near constantly – but to get to those points requires constant radically changing days – and that is really noticeable now.  December, we sat at 5 hours of daylight, now it’s nearly 11 hours.  Seems just a few weeks ago when we noticed a bit of sun in the morning on the way to work and a bit of sun on the way back.  Sure, it wasn’t sun up on the way in this morning but it was not at all dark.  By the end of the week, the sun WILL be up before work, because we are adding just short of 6 minutes a day.

Where it was crazy noticeable was last night.  When the pup wanted to go outside at 9PM, there was still light in the sky.  Not enough to read by, mind you, but enough to count.

In a month there will be enough daylight to enjoy any outdoor activity as late as you want (weather permitting obviously).  Soon enough the sky will be bright to start the new day when the alarm goes off.

So maybe there is still another two months of winter (or three, or five, or … forever), but the daylight is coming and coming hard.


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