Bunny Count: February 2014


Almost thought I forgot, didn’t ya?

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 1
Bears: 0
Bear Skinned Rugs Hanging out at the Curling Club named “Arty the Bear” (aka “Bearly Sober”): 1

Days in Alaska: 28 … when’s the last time that happened?
Airline Status Lost Because I Don’t Get to Travel Like I used to: 1

Snow Fall: 9.9 inches
Total Snow in Season: 53.4 inches
Departure from Normal: -6.9 inches
Days with more than a trace of Snow: 11
Days Where Temperature was above Freezing: 25
Times I had to hear that it was warmer in Alaska then the Lower 48: Too Many

Curling Record: 5-5 (closest I came to a winning record in a month all season)
Bonspiel Record: 2-3
Curling Matches at Olympics Watched: 11
Number of Questions I got About Curling during the Olympics: Baaaa-Gillion

Diet’s Started: 1
Pounds Lost: 30
Times my dog smelled like a soft pretzel: 2

Fur Rondy Events Attended: 3
Times the Ferris Wheel was mentioned: 5

Number of times killed by bunnies, bears, heat, snow, diets, soft pretzels, and Ferris wheels: 0


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