Bunny Count: January 2014


It’s that time again.  Time for the monthly Bunny Count:

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 2 (crossing nicely at the school crossing)
Bears: 0
Seahawks: 0 but I would rather they be seen and not heard

Days in Alaska: 27
Days in New York While the Temperature was Colder than Alaska: 4
Hours Spent in 15°F Temperature Watching Hockey: 8
Number of Italian Family Members Introduced To Just While Having a Wine in a NYC Italian Restaurant: 4 (5 if you want to count the cute Albanian ‘friend of the family’ girl)
Number of times the word “Hello” is sung in Book of Mormon: 44 (not including Bonjour, Nia Hoa, and Hola)

Snow: 9.2 Inches
Total Snow for the Season: 53.5 Inches
If All The Rain Fell As Snow In January: 16.4 inches
Days with Rain or Snow: 15

Average Temperature in Anchorage in January: 29.7°
Actual Average Temperature: 34.2°
Days the High Exceeded 40°: 8
Official Snow Depth as of Jan 1: 16 inches
Official Snow Depth as of Jan 31: 5 inches
Maximum Snow Depth: 20 inches on Jan 17th
Snow Melt in 13 Days: 15 inches

Times killed by Hockey, NYC, Snow Melt, Damalanches, Bunnies, or Bears: 0


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