Bunny Count: December


As fireworks go off around me, I still have time for the last Bunny Count of the year …

Bunnies: 0
Bears: 0
Whales: 1
Cats (in Waikoloa, HI): Surprisingly More Than You Would Think

Days in Alaska: 24
Days in Paradise (Hawaii): 7
Sunsets Watched While in Paradise: 4
Beaches I Stuck My Feet in during Dinner: 1
Whales and Cocktails Cruises in Paradise: 1
Attempts to Complete at meal at the Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimae: 2
Times Failed to Complete Meals at Hawaiian Style Cafe: 2
Mai Tais Drank in Paradise: More than I can Remember
Days Spent in Alaska Since Coming Home From Hawaii That I Wished I was Back in Hawaii: 11

Snow Fall: 23.2 inches
Snow Fall Total This Year: 44.3 inches
Snow Fall During my 7 Days in Hawaii: 13.6 inches

Shortest Day of the Year’s Total Daylight: 5 Hrs 21 Mins 41 Seconds
Time the Sun Came Up: 10:14am
Time the Sun Went Down: 3:42pm
Amount of Daylight Already Gained Since Then: 10 minutes 30 seconds

Times Killed By Bears, Whales, Hawaii, Nighttime, and the Holidays: 0


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