Winter Wonderland


Let me start by giving the nerd explanation of the weather in Anchorage the last week.  A high pressure mass off of the Gulf of Alaska has brought air masses from inland parts, bringing colder than normal temperatures to near or below 0°F.  Due to the open waters still freezing over in the Cook Inlet, the air mass is picking up a high level of moisture which has maintained the dew point at or near the air temperature, and keeping humidity between 80 and 90 percent.  Low level fog typically appears throughout the day and night; however, little to no precipitation or winds join the fog.  Due to the foggy / moist conditions, frost will form on objects cold enough to do so, and remain as no windy or wet conditions would interrupt the frosting.

Okay … now to the cool description of all that …

Everything is covered in White!!!

Seriously.  It’s a full fledged Winter Wonderland.

Because the air’s so moist, frost keeps building up, and since there is nothing to stop it, all the trees, cars, and signs get this white crust over it.  The snow falls of November still remain to give you the top to bottom white.  It’s absolutely gorgeous looking out of my office window across the white kissed trees and the snow covered mountains.  In the weeks to come the snow will build up to make it the winter play land, but right now when its too cold to go out its just great to look at.



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