Bunny Count: NoSHAVEmber


Happy End of November, or as it’s been for me, No-Shave-Mber.  Last mowed my face on October 31st. and did so to support men’s health issues (including testicular / prostate cancer & mental health – please consider your local organizations for cancer and mental health support when you are charitable).

Otherwise it has been a month, so let the Bunny Count Begin!!!

Bunnies: 0
Bear: 0
Moose: 2
Moose Just Wandering Across the Street: 2

Total Snow Fall for November: 11.2 inches
Total Snow Fall for the Season: 11.2 inches (plus a lot of traces)
Amount More Snow This Season Compared to Last Season: 4.5 inches
Snow Coverage (What’s on the ground): 7 inches
Consecutive Days Below Freezing: 25

Current Amount of Daylight: 6 hours 5 minutes
Daylight Lost In November: 2 hours 23 minutes
Days until the Solstice when things start getting brighter: 20 (and yes I am counting)

Days in Alaska: 24
Days on the Slope: 3
Days in Wisconsin: 4
Days in Minnesota: 2

Birthdays Survived: 1
Birthdays Survived This Lifetime: 42
College Hockey Games Attended: 3
College Hockey Games Attended Since 1995: 3

Times killed by bears, moose, bunnies, hockey games, daylight, snow, or birthdays: 0



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