Happy 201st Post, Kinda


So there I was riding in a rental car back from a lunch with Peter Hoy (Quality Manager of Fokker-Mexico) in July 2012 talking about my pending move to Alaska, and he said “You should write a blog about the move”.

Well — 201 posts later, the blog is still going.

Well, kinda 201 posts.  The site actually counts 202 (203 after this one gets posted) because I have two draft posts that I never published for political reasons — no seriously, for political reasons.  Looking back at my posts, there was also one post that really wasn’t mine, an automated post created by WordPress, so that really doesn’t count.  Since the 200th was going to be the October Bunny count, I decided to celebrate at the 201st.

And how does  Quality Engineer celebrate something?  With a Pareto.  I categorized each post I made to see how I trend.  Since I half-assed the thing, I only categorized 196 posts (and I don’t know which 6 or 7 I missed) but it’s not like you really care about accuracy, do you?  Anyway, here is the top issues I blogged about:

In First Place:  “Life In Alaska” – 40 Posts (20.0%) — This is the things that make living in Alaska interesting (moose sightings, malls with hockey rinks, Iditarod, etc).  That is, what makes it interesting without counting the weather.  Because …

In Second Place: “The Weather” – 30 Posts (15.6%) — Yeah, I blogged about the weather 30 times!!  I blogged about the weather so much, I even blogged about blogging about the weather.  Heck, you could have counted the bunny counts in there.

In Third Place: “Relocation” — 21 Posts (10.7%) — You Bear Feeders that are Johnny Come Latelys probably didn’t notice it, but the process of moving up here came up a lot early on.

In Fourth Place: “Sightseeing & Touristing AK” — 18 Posts (9.2%) — This is my experiences going around the state and seeing/ doing things.  Believe it or not, this was pretty seasonable.  Lots of posts during the summer here, not so much in the winter.  Shocking, right?

In Fifth Place: “Bunny Counts” — 13 Posts (6.6%) – What’s wrong with this number?  Because I try to do it monthly, and have been up here enough for 16 posts.

The Next Batch:
Posts About Me: 12 (6.1%) — Some say this number is too low, I say the opposite
Observations of Life on the North Slope: 11 (5.6%) — Views of the most hopeless place on earth
Summaries: 10 (5.1%) — I got teased by my friend Nick last winter that the blog became summaries and pictures of my dog, seems about right.
Auggie the Doggie:  7.5 (3.83%) — Speaking of which … He shows up more than this, but this is the ‘Specific about Auggie’ posts.

And That Leaves Blogs about:
Daylight: 7
Blogging about the Blog: 6
Work: 5
Family: 4
Band Stuff: 3.5
Curling: 3.5 (Is that it?  Really?)
Civil War Posts: 2
Goofy Posts: 2 (One about the end of the world, and the post from April Fools that actually got some of you)


That being said, I am looking for your feedback.  Tell Me what you think I should be blogging about.

Oh … And thanks for reading the Bear Feed!!  


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