Bunny Count: October


Almost slipped by me, but slipping in the Bunny Count as required by law.

Here is the Bunny Count for October:

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 2
Moose just hanging out in a neighborhood: 2
Bears: 0

Days in Alaska: 28
Days in Ohio (or going to and from): 3
Days on the Slope: 8

Rainfall for October: 2.85 in
Snowfall (Official & Unofficial) for October: 0 in … in your face, Lower 48
Amount of Daylight Nov 1st: 8hr 28min 14sec
Amount of Daylight Lost in October: 2hr 56min 10sec

Attempts To Make a Run with the Strugglebus: 2
Successful Attempts: 1

Curling Record: 4-4
Number of Games that is reminding me how out of shape I am: 8

Times killed by bunnies, moose, slope visits, Ohio, lost daylight, Stugglebuses, and Curled rocks:  0


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