Hallowed Night


Happy Halloween – the third most loved holiday in the whole year (behind Christmas, because whether you are Christian or not, we all do love to get presents & get drunk — and of course the most favorite of favorite national holidays: Superbowl Sunday).  It’s that time of year when we incorrectly focus on kid’s costumes and handing out candy, when we should properly be focusing on what college-aged women are wearing to the bars.

Halloween in Anchorage is likely no different than most places in the Lower-48 (by most I don’t include places where they burn down half the city – e,g, Detroit).  We don’t have the Haunted Houses that were so much fun growing up playing around in. No idea why, honestly, but I don’t really know a rundown house/building you could turn into one either.  Likely it’s weather related, because it can be pretty unpredictable this time of year — that and it seems everything becomes weather related sooner or later.

Usually, Halloween is seen as the start of the “dead of winter” season.  They talk about kids strapped up into parkas and stomping around in the snow doing their trick-or-treating.  We hadn’t had measurable snow yet (and only one “un-measurable snow”); hurricane winds and rain took care of fall for us the last couple of weeks.  Which means the streets should be full tonight.  Last year, I was in my house for about a week when Halloween came around – and the neighborhood kids were outnumbered by “professionals” — families with rolling mini-vans to systemically hit as many houses/neighborhoods as possible.

I’ll probably stop off tonight at the store to get a little face paint, then throw on my hockey jersey so I can be a New Jersey Devil — Auggie as my Hell Hound.

hellhoundAs a bartender at Peanut Farm last night said: “Life’s too serious to NOT dress up our dogs.”

Have a good, safe Halloween, and we will see you in November.



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